The Fireproof Family

Too many times we see that a company About Us page doesn’t accurately showcase all the faces that truly helped build the company. We want to honor all past and present employees who developed Fireproof. We had a crazy idea to change the world of fencing, but with these wonderful folks on our team we’ve done so much more. We have built beautiful ponds, bridges, floating docks and even laid sod to fund this vision. 

Schilleman Family Photo
Schilleman Family

A Special Thank You

The people below have done things with fencing, corrals, moving dirt, drilling wells, building irrigation systems and landscaping thought not possible by many. Please accept my words of thanks for everything I could not have done without you. I simply do not want to know who or where I would be without having been blessed by all of you beautiful people.    

The Christer Johansson Family

Christer is truly one of the most kind, intelligent and generous person I have ever had the privilege to work beside. He shares a wisdom and perspective I hope to never live without. I was hesitant to go into business with anyone, but now I understand God offered me the best partner I never knew I needed. Thank you for your friendship and taking this Fireproof journey with me.  

Johansson Family Photo
Kirk Parry Family Photo

The Kirk Parry Family

Kirk’s ability to keep his priorities straight in life has taught me so much. Thank you for placing God and family first in your life. You have blessed me and others by bringing wisdom and counsel to the fence line. 

The Ryan Decker Family

Ryan and his family have been a part of my life for over 10 years. His history of employment with me remains my favorite caterpillar to butterfly story. I am so honored to have the friendship of you and your girls.  

Ryan Decker Family Photo
Dave Kenny Family Photo

The Dave Kenney Family

Dave has blessed my life with his friendship for the past 25 years. His service to this country has given us the opportunity to showcase how true friends can go months without contact and pick right up where they left off. He and his family have become so much more than friends; they’re family.

The Quinton Bryl Family

Q has a personality and laugh that just makes you want to work alongside him. He is handy at just about everything and I love the way he cherishes his family. Thank you for everything you have done for this company and more importantly your friendship.  

Quinton Bryl Family Photo
Dave Heiling Family Photo

The Dave Heiling Family

Dave is a humbly talented at anything he attempts. He never ceases to surprise me with his abilities to self-manage. He is excellent with ideas and problem solving. Thanks for your friendship and skill.

The Mark Silcox Family

Mark is simply an energizer bunny. This kid was raised right and knows how to work. I love his mischievous smile and hilarious sense of humor. Thanks for being a joy to work around my friend.  

Mark Silcox Family Photo
Kenny Osborne Family Photo

The Kenny Osborne Family

I dare you to find a piece of equipment this man can’t operate. I have grown to appreciate his intellect and insight to encourage people toward the Lord more than his ability to move dirt. It is a blessing to have your friendship and wisdom.

The Tyler Stonehouse Family

Ty has a brilliant mind. He has a personality that can make even the most unpleasant jobs palatable. Thank you for your friendship and ability to conquer obstacles.

Tyler Stonehouse Family Photo
Joel Huskerson Family Photo

The Joel Huskerson Family

Joel has the most beautiful heart I have ever experienced from a man his age. He cares deeper than most would ever attempt. He is also way better to look at in a video than this bald old man. Thank you for the opportunity to know you and patience teaching this old dog new tech tricks. 

The James Scott Family

James has a heart of gold. He simply shows up and takes care of business. Thank you for your willingness to tackle even the monotonous. You have a friend in me for life.  

Tyler Stonehouse Family Photo


These partners have made it possible to make Fireproof a successful company of individuals making a difference.

McC Services, LLC
Banner, WY

Ben Michelena simply has the knack for building quality fence. He and his crew tackle all of our local federal contract and continue to impress private clients. His beautiful work is only put to shame by the smiling faces of his precious family. Thank you for representing our products so well.

Phone: 307-751-1494 | Email: [email protected]

Ironclad Fencing, LLC
Sheridan, WY 

Lee Willey knows this community like the back of his hand. He always has a smiling face, which is quite difficult to hold onto if you own a fencing company. Thank you for always caring about what you do and who you are doing it for.  

Phone: 307-751-6528 | Email: [email protected]

Main Choice Fencing, LLC
Sheridan, WY 

Wyatt is a young man that knows how to work hard. He has cut his teeth with others in the fencing community and is rapidly making a name for himself as an independent business owner. You have handled every client I have thrown at you with class and resolve. Thank you for believing in our system.  

Phone: 307-752-5174 | Email: [email protected]

Redleg Fencing, LLC
Sheridain, WY 

Josh Lengerich and his lovely bride Jessica have served this country and their community for many years in the military and law enforcement. When they came to me with intentions of starting a fencing company, I thought they had gone mad. I should have known they had already gone mad and simply wanted to re-direct their madness. Thank you for your service and willingness to tackle new obstacles, I will forever be grateful for your resolve.  

 Phone: 307-750-2720 | Email: [email protected]

Camino Ag. Services, LLC
Clearmont, WY 

Luke Camino and his relatives have forgotten more about fencing than I will ever know. His knowledge of what can stand the test of time is simply invaluable to Fireproof Fencing. I will always appreciate your ability to challenge my intellect with practical knowledge. Thank you for constantly pushing our products to better serve the end user.  

Phone: 307-751-1573 | Email: [email protected]