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We chose Fireproof Fencing because of the lifespan of their product and the low maintenance cost. Our experience with them has been nothing but excellent, including their product, their solution, their installation and their service. We particularly enjoy the simplicity and speed of repairs if and when they are needed.

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Our existing posts were rotted out and the wire was going to be a challenge to re-stretch. This type of fencing seemed more suitable to our livestock and would be easier to stretch. Also, it had a better aesthetic look for our property.

Redleg Fencing, LLC
Joshua Lengerich
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If we lost our fences (made from traditional wood materials) due to rangeland wildfires, it would cost us hundreds of thousands of dollars to replace all the fencing on 20,000 acres. This product eliminates this issue and reduces the fear of losing everything in a fire. We have also struggled with snow load and stress points in rough country. This design has reduced the need to replace posts and wire where it was previously buried in snow since it can move and stretch from one end of the fence to the other, without breaking wire like traditional t-post clips do.

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Traditional materials are easily lost in rangeland wildfires, which we often encounter in northeast Wyoming. To lose entire fences is not only costly, but creates major labor and timing issues when trying to replace fence and still keep livestock on your property and off of your neighbors land. The topography in our portion of the state can be very rough, resulting in stress on fences from snow load and pinch points in draws and on ridges. The clips or “trinkets” designed by Fireproof Fencing eliminate this issue by allowing wire to flex and move back and forth over the entire length of the fence and won’t be kinked at each post like traditional t-post clips. Traditional wood fence products also rot over time, degrade in the sun, and degrade in certain soil types. Fireproof Fencing productions eliminate all these issues and concerns and will last my lifetime.

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Nathan Lindsey