The Fireproof Fencing Story

Fireproof Fencing’s story starts in Sheridan, Wyoming with Ryan Schilleman, a former oil-field worker. With 20 years in the industry, Ryan’s frustrations with rotting posts and fire loss led him to a realization: “Fencing should not be a necessary evil, a liability in constant need of repair—but an asset to your property.” With this in mind, Ryan created the Fireproof System.

Fireproof Fencing Line into the horizon
Rotting Fence Photo

Finding An Answer to Rot and Fire

The unique part of this industry is that you are aware of the time in which the post was put into place, and in many situations, you are there to see it removed when it has fulfilled its purpose. Throughout Ryan’s career, he noticed posts with as little as two years of use could only be salvaged at about a 40% rate due to rot occurring anywhere from 6” to 24” below ground level.

The second alarming trend Ryan observed while fighting range fire was in areas exposed to even fast-moving fire the newer post was smoldering, if not fully on fire, while many of the older posts were charred but didn’t appear to be internally impacted.

It became very evident that something had changed in the treating process allowing frost to penetrate sub-surface and cause accelerated dry rot above surface exposing a less fire-resistant post. After discussion with my suppliers and receiving the usual, “Don’t know what to tell you,” and “The environmentalists won’t let you treat them like we used to,” I began to use steel production tubing as fence posts and welding the braces whenever possible.

Benefits of Tubular Posts

Landowners and operators unanimously saw the benefits: expected post lifespan; reduction in labor time/cost; and the structural benefits of preserving native soil compaction by not displacing sub-surface soils when driven.

We Make Fencing Easier, Faster, More Flexible All While Giving It a Longer Life

  • Fireproof Fencing will not reduce the sharpness of barbed wire, but will afford you the ability to construct your braces and corners completely out of tubular steel without the need for a welder.
  • Fireproof Fencing offers a wide range of post options ready to accept our unique connection system holding almost any wire type right where you want it while still allowing wire movement.
  • Fireproof Fencing remains committed to developing products designed to protect value and function of your investment.
Ryan Shilleman Signature

Ryan Schilleman

Owner, Fireproof Fencing

The Fireproof Fencing System

  • The Fireproof Fencing steel tubular posts can be installed and driven in with a hand-held driver.
  • The fencing is customizable and manufactured to accommodate any wire spacing and height requirements.
  • The wire clips on the fencing allow wire movement without binding and yield fewer breaks.
  • The bracing can be accomplished with nothing more than a cordless drill. Many components are offered individually for the do-it-yourselfers.

Why Make The Change To Fireproof Fencing?

Choosing a new product is a big decision. Tradition is a beautiful framework in the agricultural world. Fireproof Fencing is a modern approach intended to reduce operating costs for traditional industry. To date we’ve experienced a 100% returning customer rate with agricultural producers, stock growers, oil & gas companies, government agencies and property owners. 

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Our Mission

Transforming fence from a liability to an asset

The goal for Fireproof Fencing is to change the way individuals see livestock fencing; shifting from a constantly deteriorating liability into a user-friendly asset for the valuation of your land and operations.