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We let our work speak for us.

At Fireproof Foundations, we specialize in demolition, tree removal, earth-moving, and utility infrastructure installation. These services are our expertise, showcasing our precision and skill in diverse construction tasks. Trust us to handle these critical aspects seamlessly, delivering exceptional results that exceed expectations.

12 Foxtrotter

This project included the construction of a recreational reservoir, complete with adjudicated rights for irrigation and fish propagation. Our expert team has meticulously installed a multi-purpose irrigation system, capable of efficiently watering both pasture and lawn via a single pump station. Additionally, we’ve expertly graded the pasture to enhance crop yield, demonstrating our commitment to agricultural excellence.

Key Highlights:

  • Permitting/Design: We navigate the complexities of legal requirements, ensuring all designs are fully permitted and compliant with regulations.
  • In-House Construction: Our skilled professionals handle every aspect of construction, guaranteeing quality control and seamless execution.
  • Multi-Purpose Irrigation System: Our versatile irrigation setup serves multiple functions, from pasture hydration to lawn care, all through an optimized pump station.

12 Foxtrotter Project Before Photo12 Foxtrotter Project After Photo
Left: Before (06/2014) Right: After (07/2016)
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333 Wyarno

We transformed this property into a haven for equestrian enthusiasts with our comprehensive site design and build project, featuring two homes, an indoor and outdoor horse training facility, paddocks, and watering systems. Our expertise covers every aspect of the project, from civil site design to infrastructure installation.

Key Highlights:

  • Civil Site Design: We created a functional and aesthetically and pleasing layout for our client’s property, ensuring optimal space use.
  • Demo and Site Grading: Our team removed existing structures and graded the land to prepare for new construction.
  • Survey Project Footprint: We thoroughly survey the site to accurately determine the facilities’ footprint.
  • Stormwater Design: Our engineers designed effective stormwater management systems to protect our client’s investment and the environment.
  • Potable and Livestock Water Design: We created water systems for both human and livestock consumption, ensuring access to clean water.
  • Earthwork and Road Build: Our experienced team excavated and constructed roads, providing seamless access to our client’s new facilities.
  • Infrastructure Design/Install: We designed and installed all necessary infrastructure, such as electrical and plumbing systems, to support our client’s new homes and horse facilities.
  • Septic & Lichfield Design/Build: Our team designed and constructed efficient septic and leach field systems to meet our client’s needs and local regulations.
333 Wyarno project Before PhotoWyarno After Project Satellite Photo
Left: Before (07/2014) Right: After (05/2023)
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14 North Fork

This project included the ability to allow the control of our client’s property irrigation from their phone or a panel outside their door with this Full Property Landscape and Irrigation Design/Build project. Our team successfully delivered a range of features to enhance their property’s beauty and functionality.

Key Highlights:

  • Design/Build Reservoir: We constructed a reservoir to store water for irrigation, ensuring a reliable water source for their landscape.
  • Permit/Stock Fish: Our team obtained the necessary permits and stocked fish in the reservoir, creating a thriving aquatic ecosystem.
  • Three Irrigation Systems: We installed three separate irrigation systems to cater to various areas of our client’s property, providing optimal watering coverage.
  • Full Service Landscaping/Sprinklers: Our team expertly designed and installed landscaping features and sprinkler systems, creating a visually stunning and functional outdoor space.
  • Two Drilled Water Wells: We drilled two wells to provide a consistent water supply for the property, ensuring the health and longevity of the landscape.
  • Cistern Reserve Storage: We constructed a cistern to store excess water, providing a backup supply during times of drought or high demand.
  • Bridges: Our team designed and built sturdy bridges to connect different areas of our client’s property, enhancing accessibility and functionality.
  • Waterfall/Circulation Features: We created stunning waterfall and circulation features to add visual interest and promote a healthy ecosystem.
Left: Before (07/2014) Right: After (06/2017)
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60 Brinton

Our most crazy reservoir build in company history with the completion of an artificial dam face and outlet structure for Hanna Creek, all without disrupting the creek’s natural flow. Our team’s expertise is evident in the following achievements:

Key Highlights:

  • Permit/Design/Build: We navigated the complex regulatory environment, obtained the necessary permits, and constructed the dam and outlet structure precisely and carefully.
  • Permit/Stock Fish: Our team stocked fish in the reservoir, ensuring a thriving aquatic ecosystem and adhering to local regulations.
  • Two Irrigation Systems: We installed two separate irrigation systems to meet the property’s diverse needs and provide optimal watering coverage.
  • Access Roads Throughout Property: Our team designed and built access roads, ensuring easy navigation and accessibility to all areas of the property.
  • Privacy Fence: We constructed a privacy fence to provide a sense of seclusion and security, enhancing a sense of enjoyment of the property.
  • Bridges/Water Crossings: Our team designed and built sturdy bridges and water crossings, ensuring safe and efficient access to different areas of the property.
  • Tree Removal: We expertly removed any unwanted trees, creating a clean and open space that complements the area’s natural beauty.
Left: Before (07/2014) Right: After (06/2017)
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Lower Prarie Dog

Seamlessly guiding our client from permit to occupancy, our team has successfully completed the project management for their new county home and shop. Our comprehensive approach ensured a smooth and efficient process, as evidenced by the following elements:

Key Highlights:

  • Building/Septic Permits: We navigated the permitting process and secured the necessary approvals for our client’s new home and shop construction.
  • Well/Cistern: Our team installed a well and cistern system, providing a reliable water source for the property.
  • Gas/Water/Electricity/Sewer: We coordinated the installation of all essential utilities, including gas, water, electricity, and sewer, ensuring their new facilities were fully operational.
  • Sub-Base and Concrete: Our team expertly prepared the sub-base and poured the concrete foundations, laying the groundwork for a sturdy and durable structure.
  • Final Grade and Surfacing: We meticulously graded the site and applied the final surfacing, creating a seamless and aesthetically pleasing transition between our client’s new home and shop and the surrounding landscape.


Left: Before (07/2014) Right: After (10/2023)
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